Organic fluids sampling line

Project: To safely and securely take representative samples of the liquid solutions contained within the drums for subsequent analysis

Aims and characteristics:

  • To consider the nature and chemical characteristics of the liquids contained within the drums (aqueous, organic solutions, sludges, solvents, acids, alcohols or salts)
  • To study the products’ risk of ignition, explosion, corrosion and toxicity
  • To consider the packages contained within the drums as potentially contaminated and manage the potential contamination of the drums within the overpacks
  • To open the drums and remove these from the overpacks – or the packages if the liquids are contained in cylinders
  • To take representative samples for each solution
  • To repackage liquids if necessary
  • To return cylinders to the drums, and the drums to the overpacks

CSTI Group services:

  • Creation of an explosion-proof and easily decontaminable sampling line equipped with an air-ventilated entry airlock, serving as a class-4 containment area to receive overpacks and serve as a reserve zone for operators, and an air-ventilated chamber serving as a class-3 containment area with a minimum of 8 renewals per hour
  • Overpack opening, and carrying out non-contamination checks for overpacks and certain samplings (Verma drum and fully-open drums)
  • Returning the drums to their original overpacks – after decontamination, if necessary – and return of overpacks to their original location
  • Creation of an airlock for the transfer of drums to a nitrogen-ventilated glove box serving as a class-1 containment zone, allowing for the opening of the drum and access to the cylinders or bottles held within the drums, and non-contamination checks for the drum’s interior
  • Installation of a lifting system within the docking system, controllable from the outside, to easily recover the contents of the drum without breaking confinement
  • Installation of electricity, control and command means, located near the sampling chain, as required for operation

OTHER Achievements