Ultrasound decontamination system for mechanical parts

Project: To produce a system for the CEA CESTA megajoule laser building (MJL) which will be used for the decontamination of mechanical components contaminated by radioactive or chemical aerosol deposits

Aims and characteristics:

  • To guarantee easy cleaning of parts according to the type of contamination
  • To allow for easy adjustment of different parameters for operators, workstation ergonomics, operator safety and reduced maintenance
  • To ensure the compatibility of equipment with the liquids used (water or detergents)
  • To design an installation whose operation complies with nuclear safety requirements and fume cupboard standards
  • To respect planning and budgetary constraints
  • To consider the dimensions of the ventilation, mechanics and electrics

CSTI Group services:

  • Measurement, design and machine production studies
  • Sourcing
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Factory tests and acceptance following the test program
  • Disassembly, packaging and delivery to CEA CESTA
  • On-site installation in room A157
  • Submission of the complete manufacturer’s file

OTHER Achievements