Nuclear pressure equipment


Study of the cooling of corium by water: MERELAVA device

Project: To support the deployment of the MERELAVA test device to study the cooling of corium by water under certain conditions, the design of a thermite-manufacturing workshop (powder mixture in glove box) and the integration of these new means within the COLIMA room of the PLINIUS platform (ICPE) as part of a project by the CEA Cadarache Physics and Modelling of Serious Accidents Laboratory (LPMA) to understand the behaviour of corium, generated from the nuclear reactor core’s, and to model the phenomena associated with the formation and progression of corium within the reactor

Aims and characteristics:

  • To consider the specific requirements of the project under PED (classification and monitoring by ON)
  • To manage the manufacturing of piping lines in 310S (qualification/manufacturing/radiographic testing)
  • To carry out a PMA (Particular Material Appraisal) to approve the use of 310S according to PED
  • To integrate client equipment within a space-limited environment
  • To support studies, manufacturing, installation and testing services
  • To assign a project engineer to ensure monitoring and documentation; a storekeeper/picker; a designer; a calculation engineer; a research office manager; a technical and production engineering manager; a qualified sheet metal worker; three qualified welders; a workshop manager; a qualified fitter; and a site manager

CSTI Group services:

  • Studies of the installation of equipment supplied by the CEA (bubblers, test section, quench tank, condenser, condensate tank, retention tanks)
  • Studies (plans) and calculations (flexibility calculation report) for the equipment’s’ connection
  • Sourcing according to table COL FLU 007 E01 2/2 ind. A
  • Installation of equipment supplied by the CEA within the COLIMA room (bubblers, test section, quench tank, condenser, condensate tank, retention tanks)
  • Equipment connection (piping)
  • Site testing (hydraulic resistance test, THE)
  • Regulatory file (PED)

OTHER Achievements