Star post 2006 – Drilling unit for spent fuel containers

Project: To produce a container processing unit on a “STAR post 2006” cutting bench, as part of a project for the evacuation of spent fuels, and to create equipment for the drilling and drying of fuel containers within LECA-STAR (INB 55 Building 316)

Aims and characteristics:

  • To create PED equipment
  • To ensure a pressure of 100 bar and a temperature of 70°C
  • To establish a leak rate of 10-6 Pa/m3/s
  • To create an armoured cell containing the equipment
  • To ensure that the equipment is fully remote controllable
  • To guarantee the installation’s maintenance

CSTI Group services:

  • Design, studies and calculations
  • Sourcing, manufacturing and factory assembly
  • Factory testing
  • Cold and hot site testing
  • On-site assembly and commissioning

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