Spider EMS & coils: electromagnetic protection shield

Project: To manufacture, carry out checks, and test the electromagnetic protection shield for the ‘SPIDER’ plasma source

Aims and characteristics:

  • To design vacuum silver solders to produce a pure copper assembly on 316L stainless steel with nickel plating
  • To manufacture a specific chamber for vacuum tightness tests
  • To perform tests with a maximum helium leak rate of 1×10-10 m3/s
  • To respect lead times and the overall project budget (€130 k)
  • To assign a project engineer to ensure monitoring and documentation; a storekeeper/picker; a designer; a calculation engineer; a research office manager; a technical and production engineering manager; a qualified sheet metal worker; a qualified welder; a workshop manager; and a qualified fitter

CSTI Group services:

  • Production according to client plans

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