Neutron-measurement station

Project: To design and manufacture a transportable passive neutron-measurement station in order to carry out non-destructive nuclear measurements on different types of radioactive waste packages

Aims and characteristics:

  • To design a measurement device composed of a parallelepipedal cavity with high-density polyethylene block walls, comprising 72 3He proportional counters, coupled with electronics for amplification and signal processing, and a computer system to detect the neutrons emitted by the package to be measured
  • Machining of HDPE and BORATED HDPE blocks to integrate neutron counters
  • To implement protective measures for handling CADMIUM plates (protection via stainless-steel casing)
  • To install electricity, control and command means for the 2 movements (rotation and input-output)
  • To assign a project engineer to ensure monitoring and documentation; a storekeeper/picker; a designer; a research office manager; a technical and production engineering manager; a qualified sheet metal worker; a qualified welder; a workshop manager; a qualified fitter; an electricity, control and command manager; a site manager and an electric-cable operator

CSTI Group services:

  • Studies and creation of design plans
  • Sourcing of materials (turntable, motors and electrical cabinet)
  • Manufacturing of the measurement device
  • Factory testing
  • Packaging, transport and on-site installation
  • On-site testing
  • Delivery of documentary deliverables

OTHER Achievements