Paniers métalliques et réhausse pour déchets

Project: To supply metal drums for low and medium-level nuclear waste, for all Decommissioning-Waste Project Management (DP2D) decommissioned sites and the Activated Waste Packaging and Storage Facility (ICEDA) site, as part of the dismantling of first-generation power plants (Chooz, Brennilis, St-Laurent, Chinon, Bugey and Creys-Malville) and the management of the sites’ operational waste, currently stored in spent-fuel pools

Aims and characteristics:

  • To provide transport from producer sites via road or rail to ICEDA in an R73 transport container for metal waste, which will be cut or sheared before being placed in drums on site or directly at ICEDA.
  • To provide for the packaging of waste at the ICEDA site in a c1pg cask (insertion of the filled waste drum within a C1PG cask and grout injection), and to ensure their subsequent storage before these are sent to their final outlet
  • To create 500 drums and plasma bench welds
  • To ensure handling by spreader beam using a 3-finger gripping system
  • To carry out checks according to CODAP and load tests at 6.5 tonnes

CSTI Group services:

  • Implementation study (industrialisation)
  • Manufacturing
  • Checks
  • Testing

OTHER Achievements