Lifting unit

Project: To create a mobile lifting unit and its container for the handling of EDF power plant reactor-shutdown cooling heat exchangers

Aims and characteristics:

  • To design a lifting device for the two heat exchangers, a device which will be horizontally transferred from one to the other, incorporating a hoist to lift the heat exchangers; a fixed frame placed in front of the heat exchanger access shaft; a motorised 2000 mm stroke traverse carriage with 2×100 mm overtravel; a second motorised 2×100 mm stroke longitudinal carriage perpendicular to the first, allowing for fine docking adjustment; a removable slatted floor; a spreader beam with sling for the handling of heat exchangers, adapted to their geometry
  • To provide a radio control box for the device
  • To carry out a packaging study and ensure the supply of all the necessary plans
  • To produce and supply all detailed plans for the lashings, frames and tools used in the packaging process
  • To develop all documents with regard to regulation and use, to be submitted at the end of the project: design calculations for lashings, interior frames, documents justifying the design requirements, operating instructions and maintenance instructions
  • To participate in business and working meetings at the AREVA premises
  • To update the planning and implementation schedule
  • To design a 20-foot IP2-type container with openable roof and double side doors
  • To ensure the supply of materials required for the facilities’ manufacture, including the transport rack
  • To produce the tools required for packaging
  • To carry out checks on manufacturing and perform functional tests
  • To respect lead times and the overall project budget (€210 k, including €60 k for the container)
  • To assign a project manager engineer; a research office engineer; a design engineer, a design technician; a calculation engineer specialised in mechanics and lifting; an electrician; two welders; and a mechanical fitter

CSTI Group services:

  • Studies
  • FEM calculations
  • Sourcing
  • Manufacturing
  • Checks
  • Surface treatment and painting
  • Delivery
  • On-site installation

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