Glove boxes and procedures

Project: To produce STEMA installations for the construction of a cementing unit, a stripping station and the transfer facilities for the STEL control room within the cementing building

Aims and characteristics:

  • To install 7 glove boxes to receive the pumps, valves and fittings, distributed as follows: In the unloading building: a tank-connection glove box, a sifting glove box, a pump glove box, a glove box for taking samples and a fume cupboard for the unloading of cylinders. In the cementing building: an armoured glove box for pumping and sampling sludge and suspensions, a glove box for pumping and sampling filtrates, and a fume cupboard for the preparation of co-precipitation reagents
  • To manage coactivity
  • To ensure the development of the cementing process
  • To ensure risk management for earthquakes, the calculation of spectra transferred to equipment, and radiological protection
  • To qualify the equipment via vibrating table tests, according to the transferred spectra
  • To consider high-activity effluents (liquids and sludge)
  • To create double casing lines with drip recovery
  • To provide for the taking of mud-effluent samples via a needle in the process line, and the taking of liquid samples via a needle in a jug
  • To ensure the transfer of the jug via a pneumatic transport network

CSTI Group services:

  • Design, project and production studies
  • Sourcing of all materials
  • Factory testing and control
  • On-site works
  • On-site testing and control
  • Equipment commissioning
  • Assistance with overall tests
  • Training of operating staff
  • Provision of full technical documentation

OTHER Achievements