Glove box transfer system on air cushion

Project: To create a glove-box transfer system from the outside of building 124 to the inside of chamber 35, also known as the dismantling room

Aims and characteristics:

  • To allow for the dismantling of glove boxes weighing over 4 tonnes
  • To implement a glove box entry system via an air cushion moving across a raised floor, which allows for their passage across the threshold of chamber 35 without any need for lifting
  • To create a modular raised floor and air-cushion transfer modules
  • To install the doorway threshold for chamber 35
  • To ensure the supply and installation of a new turntable with a SWL of > 4 tonnes
  • To respect lead times and the overall project budget (€220 k)

CSTI Group services:

  • Design and production studies
  • Calculations
  • Sourcing
  • Production
  • Factory assembly and testing
  • Assistance with operating procedures for on-site assembly and connection

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