Nuclear pressure equipment


Systèmes biocides à rayonnement UV des circuits EPK et REK pour le RJH

Project: To design three UV-radiation biocidal systems required to catch microorganisms and ensure bacteriological protection as part of the production of the Jules Horowitz experimental nuclear reactor (JHR)

Aims and characteristics:

  • To design three UV-radiation biocidal systems required to capture microorganisms and ensure bacteriological protection: a UV-radiation biocidal system (reference: EPK0010UV), dedicated to pools within the BUA annex building, and two identical UV-radiation biocidal systems (references: REK0011UV and REK0012UV), dedicated to pools within the BUR reactor building
  • To produce the equipment, connected in series, responsible for purifying the water within the pools which make up the EPK and REK circuits: filters, resin pots and UV biocidal systems
  • To consider the biocidal systems’ continuous operation
  • To provide RCC-MX equipment
  • To include the specific requirements of level-3 and category-0 nuclear pressure equipment
  • To guarantee earthquake resistance
  • To ensure the qualification of UV lamps

CSTI Group services:

  • Mechanical studies and calculations
  • Electrical studies and calculations
  • Qualification tests
  • Sourcing of materials according to RCC-MX
  • Manufacturing
  • Checks
  • Factory acceptance
  • Packaging, transport and on-site delivery
  • Submission of contractual documents

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