About us


Our expertise: ready to meet all your expectations and gain your trust

Founded in 1986, CSTI Groupe is a family-run SME which has managed to retain its identity, its customer focus, its ability to adapt and its flexibility in implementing turnkey processes and major industrial projects, while guaranteeing the quality, high standards and responsiveness of a large group.

Specialised in the design, manufacture and installation of special machines, stainless-steel sheet metal assemblies, piping systems and test loops, we use all our multidisciplinary know-how to carry out complex, innovative and demanding industrial projects, both in terms of working environments and in guaranteeing security and quality.

Excellence both in France and abroad

Founded in our historic South-East region in Peyrolles-en-Provence (13), we are investing in France and abroad to offer our expertise in business sectors with very high added value: nuclear, renewable energies, defence and research laboratories.

We have the means to meet your expectations

We are fully equipped with the necessary technology allowing us to satisfy the most diverse requests:

  • 125 m2 integrated research office
  • 4 stainless steel production, assembly and testing halls
  • One 800 m² hall with a 5-tonne crane
  • One 500 m² hall with a 10-tonne crane
  • One 300 m² hall with a 25-tonne crane, a 4 m3 water pool and a hook height of 13 m.
  • A 1,000 m² hall with two 25-tonne crane
  • A hall for machining and control
  • A hall for black steel
  • A spray pickling/passivation zone
  • FARO tracking laser and FARO measuring arm

Our development: always looking to the future

Because we want to ensure that we always have the means available to meet our ambitions, we have a policy of making regular investments in order to continually support our clients’ development, anticipate their needs and adapt to market developments, while integrating the latest technological innovations.

Finally, our business has been developed around a solid corporate culture with a strong client focus, built on a foundation of mutual trust, with precise knowledge of their specific business lines, requirements and processes. For us, each client request is unique and must be handled with a made-to-measure approach.



Our desire to support our clients in their projects, from start to finish, requires active listening to our employees and clients, to the latest technical trends and to the environment – at the heart of all our commitments.


Our continual search for quality and precision, paired with our capacity for innovation are our greatest assets, allowing us to guarantee high-performance technical solutions which meet our clients’ expectations and requirements as closely as possible.


The SME spirit we maintain allows us to continually improve our flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness. These values, combined with our know-how, meet the needs of our growth ambitions and rapid market developments.

Our team is dedicated to your project, from the creation of specifications to manufacturing.

We manage all project phases in-house, and the very low staff turnover within our teams allows us to capitalise on the experience acquired during each project, in order to continually improve our skills.



CSTI creation


Acquisition of the ISOGRAPHIE research office (created in 1988) and the creation of the CSTI groupe


Workshop extension


Skills development


Various extensions: 125 m2 research office, 300 m2 workshop and 4x4x4 m pool


Growth & investments